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Quick Start Guide

A 10 second guide to what you can find on this site.

  • My Guitars – This is a list, in timeline format, of all the guitars I have owned. Ever.
  • My Amplifiers – A list of all the amps I have owned.
  • Articles – This is the main content of site, where I talk about aspects of my gear, pedalboards, rigs, etc, organised as follows:
    • Guitars – articles about my guitars, customisations, pickup swaps, etc
    • Pedalboards – articles about these lovely things
    • Rigs – articles about, yes you guessed it, my rigs
    • Other gear – pedals, interfaces, cables, all the other gubbins that I use or have used
  • Blog – stuff that doesn’t go anywhere else, such as my opinions, videos I like, general gear chat (but not about my own gear), etc

So, what’s it all about then?

I’m the guitarist in the PhazyLuckers, a four-piece rock band based in Geneva, Switzerland. Check us out on our official site and Facebook.

Simple really. I like guitars, amps, effects, etc, and this blog gives me an outlet to talk about my guitars, amps, effects, and anything else related to the “hardware” of playing in a rock band.

Browse my gear on the Guitar timeline and Amp timeline pages.

All opinions expressed in these articles are entirely my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Phazys!

PhazyLuckers at Festiverbant 2011

A little bit about me

From my official (ha ha!) biography on www.phazyluckers.ch:

Born in a cross-fire hurricane in the suburbs of London, in the days when a family of four could dine out on fish and chips and still have change from a couple of shillings, a teenage Ade started out playing Doors covers with a bunch of schoolmates in his Mum’s living room, before honing his guitar skills in countless dodgy South London and Camden pubs in local new wave bands UC5, King Rat and Television Skies. In the mid 80′s Television Skies morphed into Persuasion, the latter being his main focus for several years as the band went through various line-up changes, changes of musical direction and endless arguments about the “purity of pop”. Eventually Persuasion fell apart and Ade, rather disillusioned by life in a band, dropped out of music in the early 90′s whilst he turned his attention to other non-musical pursuits.

In 1995 he formed Cage with former Persuasion bassist Dom Shepherd, together with newcomers vocalist Paul Hemsley and drummer Dion Walters. The band wrote 30+ songs in less than a year, gigged extensively, were finalists in a prestigious Battle of the Bands competition, and released their debut album “Evolution” on their own label. Then, in 2000, at their peak, Hemsley unexpectedly quit the band, leaving Cage high and dry. But not for long. A chance encounter with Guildford ACM rising star Laura Colegate kickstarted a new venture and change in direction, and the birth of Transtone. Coining the phrase “trip-rock” to try to characterise their sound to A&R scouts and promoters, Transtone assembled a new set of songs and landed a record deal with indie label HotWokRecords. Gigs and promotional tours followed until, in 2003, Ade’s “real” employer moved him from London to Geneva.

Meeting up with David through the AMR in Geneva resulted in an early incarnation of the PhazyLuckers, whose line-up was completed with the arrival of Raxane in 2009 and Math in 2010.

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