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Pedalboard – Pedaltrain Jr 2013Pedaltrain Junior
PedalTrain 2 plansAAW Pedalboard Planner PT2
19″ Shock Rack case19 inch Shock Rack Case
EWS Wah Mounting BoardEWS Wah Board
Gear Wishlist 2013Elmwood Modena M20 head
2013 Pedalboards – Is 3 overkill?Pedalboards 2013 - Is 3 overkill?
G-Lab True Bypass Wah PadG-Lab True Bypass Wah Pad
EMG Pickup InstallationGibson Les Paul Classic with EMG active pickups
ESP Eclipse II AHBESP Eclipse II AHB
TrailerTrash PedalboardPedalboard TrailerTrash 2011-2012
GSHC Rig 2012GSHC Gig Feb 2012 detail
Pimping my rideLes Paul Classic with black pickup rings

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