Line 6 - Relay G90 Wireless
Line 6 - Relay G90 Wireless

Oh, the freedom of wireless! Decided to jump and choose a digital wireless solution in a 19″ rackmount form factor – just in time for our appearance at Festiverbant 2011.

Great piece of kit, works well and doesn’t seem to screw with my sound – which is a major plus, of course. There’s a setting for “cable tone” (designed to emulate the signal degradation associated with traditional guitar cables), which is a set-once-and-forget option. I think I have mine on 20 or 30 feet, as the “no cable” setting, ie without this emulation, did seem overly bright compared to my normal “cabled” sound. Dropping it into the rack, wiring it up and configuring it took less than 10 minutes, 5 minutes of which was spent flicking through the succinct and easy to read manual…

No hesitation in recommending this.


  • Good sound quality, zero latency
  • No interference, and easy to use alongside other wireless users, thanks to 12 channels to choose from
  • Solid build quality, yet lightweight enough not to add appreciably to the weight of the rack.
  • Transmitter pack is easy to use and fits snugly on my plain nylon webbing guitar straps.


  • Not cheap – but this is a much more fully featured solution compared to Line6’s pedalboard wireless products. I guess you get what you pay for…
  • Connector cable (between transmitter pack and guitar) is crappy quality. Mine started crackling and popping within a couple of months of fairly regular usage. The problem seems to be the cheap 1/4″ jack plug. By the way, a genuine Line6 replacement cable is ridiculously expensive and virtually impossible to get hold of in Europe. (I’ll be writing about an excellent, high-quality replacement soon…)
  • Transmitter pack battery strength indicator isn’t accurate with rechargeables (2 x AA batteries). Easy enough to get around though – I just recharge the batteries after every rehearsal or gig.

Since purchase, the G90 Relay Wireless has had a permanent slot in my rack.

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