Gibson Slash Appetite les Paul - Alnico II zebra pickups
Gibson Slash Appetite les Paul - Alnico II zebra pickups

As part of my Guitar Timeline project – my attempt to document something about the various electric guitars I have owned over the years – I have just published a new page all about my Gibson Slash Appetite Les Paul.

Purchased in early 2011, this is one of a limited production run of 1200 guitars worldwide. The guitar is a loose replica of (or perhaps “homage to” would be a better term) the “Les Paul” used by Slash during the Appetite for Destruction period.

Of course, this is all rather strange given that Slash’s guitar was a copy of a Les Paul and not an actual Gibson, resulting in the bizarre situation of Gibson releasing a copy of a replica of a Gibson. Go figure…

Anyway, despite all that, it’s a great guitar.

As usual, I would love to see your comments!

Gibson Les Paul Appetite

Gibson Slash Appetite Les Paul 2010

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