EWS Wah Board
EWS Wah Board

Mounting a Crybaby or similar wah pedal to a Pedaltrain or any other pedal board can be a bit of a pain, thanks to the large rubber feet installed on these types of pedals. Velcro or (my preferred product) Dual Lock may work, but I’ve never found it to be very satisfactory and, if you remove the rubber feet, you will find that the screws are now too long and sit proud of the base of the pedal. So, having just installed the fabulous G-Lab True Bypass Wah Pad to a Pedaltrain, I wanted to find a secure and neat was of mounting a wah to it, and found the perfect thing – the EWS Wah Board.

The EWS Wah Board is nothing more than a sheet of plastic material approx 5mm thick, pre-drilled, with the mounting holes countersunk so that the original baseplate screw heads are neatly recessed, leaving a perfectly flat, smooth surface ready for velcro or Dual Lock.

EWS Wah Board - fitted

Fitting the Wah Board takes 3 minutes. No, I’m exaggerating – more like 2 minutes. Unscrew the rubber feet from your Crybaby, remove the screws from the rubber feet, then screw the Wah Board to the base of the pedal using the original screws. Done. Incidentally, I left the original metal baseplate in place when fitting my Wah Board.

EWS Wah Board - fitted close-up

I think this is a wonderfully simple, highly effective product, well worth the $20 or so that they cost. I got mine from analogman.com, but there may be other suppliers out there – though I couldn’t find any European suppliers.

By the way, the photos show the EWS Wah Board mounted to my Mission EP1-R expression pedal. Note, however, that the Wah Board only fits Crybaby sized enclosures.

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