Musicomlab EFX mkIII
Musicomlab EFX mkIII

This article is about my Big Board, the pedalboard I use with my main rig, which is also versatile enough to use with a clean amp, and is MIDI controlled so that it can also run my rack rig. As with all my pedalboards, it gets tweaked, modified and rebuilt on a regular basis!

If you read my earlier article about my 2013 pedalboard plans you will know that I was planning to build 3 pedalboards this year, each serving a particular purpose depending on the gig/rehearsal context.

So, far, I’ve put together one board based on a PedalTrain Jr, which you can read about here, comprising the following:

  • Dunlop Crybaby (Zakk Wylde model), mounted on a G-Lab True Bypass Wah Pad
  • Blackstar HT-Dual – my old standby, still going strong
  • AMT P2 pedal
  • TC Electronic Nova Delay
  • TC Electronic Nova Modulator
  • TC Electronic Polytune Mini

I will doing an article on this pedalboard when I have time. In the meantime, I can say that it’s a great board and I’m very happy with it, and it is ideal for rehearsals. And that’s why I need to build a new board. The PedalTrain Jr is fine for rehearsals, but I much prefer to use “patches” for gigs – especially having got so used to this approach with my rack setup.

With a gig coming up in the next few weeks, where I will have to use supplied backline and therefore can’t use my rack, I need to put together a new board optimised for live use. So, here it is:

Mock up of new pedalboard

  • MusicomLab EFX Mkiii MIDI Controller/Looper
  • Dunlop Crybaby (Zakk Wylde model), mounted on a G-Lab True Bypass Wah Pad
  • AMT P2 pedal
  • Mesa Throttle Box distortion pedal (2 of them, one for lead and one for rhythm)
  • Eventide Timefactor
  • TC Electronic Nova Modulator
  • TC Electronic Polytune Mini

All of this will be mounted on a PedalTrain 2 (as shown in photoshop mockup photo), powered by a VoodooLabs 4×4 power supply. Unfortunately, I need something as chunky as the 4×4 thanks to the power requirements of the MusicomLab, Timefactor and Modulator. On the plus side, as I won’t use the Blackstar HT-Dual, I don’t have to worry about its ridiculously huge current requirements!

I’ve chosen the Eventide Timefactor as I need MIDI preset switching (if only the Nova Delay had MIDI!), plus it sounds great in all the demos I’ve seen on Youtube.

Two Mesa Throttle Boxes may seem overkill, but I’m a Mesa man, alright? The AMT P2 adds a different sonic flavour, with a more scooped mid sound, ideal as rhythm on some of our tracks.

Frankly, I don’t need anything as complicated as the Modulator, but I don’t want to invest in a simple chorus pedal, so it will do very fine, thanks very much. However, I will miss some of the modulation effects I can get on the G-Major.

Pictures to follow once it’s built!

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