One day I will get around to writing a review of my Marshall AFD100 head but, in the meantime, here are the official videos that Marshall put together during the research & development stage of the AFD100 project.

For those who don’t know, the AFD100 is the second Slash signature amplifier put out by Marshall, and was released in late 2010 with a limited production of 2300 models worldwide. One of these found it’s way into the Ade Phazy amp collection.

Stage 1: Research and Development initial amp investigation

Opening up Slash’s original “AFD” amp and discussing details with Marshall’s Design Engineer, Santiago.

Stage 1: AFD100 R&D part 2

More discussions about the old amp and what features the new AFD100 should have.

Stage 1: AFD100 R&D part 3

Final video with these discussions, including decision to add a FX loop to the AFD100.

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