GSHC Gig Feb 2012 detail
GSHC Gig Feb 2012 detail

This was a rather unusual gig – playing live on the concourse of the Les Vernets hockey stadium in Geneva in February 2012. A heck of a lot of glass and concrete made for a challenging soundcheck. Interstingly, we mic’ed up the Mesa 4×12 in order to provide some foldback for the drummer and bassist.

GSHC Gig Feb 2012

This rig is identical to the Festiverbant rig and comprises:

  • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (multiwatt 2010 version)
  • 4×12 Rectifier cab (V30’s)
  • 4u rack
  • Large TrailerTrash pedalboard

Again, in this setup, none of the pedalboard pedals are used, just the Musicomlab EFX for sending MIDI to the RJM Mini Amp Gizmo and TC Electronics G-Major 2 mounted in the 4U rack case.

GSHC Gig Feb 2012 detail

The guitar is my current #1, an ESP Eclipse I CTM loaded with EMG 81/60 pickups.

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