Possibly one of the coolest looking guitars around. Check out the home-made “natural” body finish, which Gibson calls “Bolan Chablis” (actually, I think this is what Bolan originally called it, hence Gibson’s use of the term), zebra pickup in the neck position, and a Les Paul Custom neck grafted onto a Les Paul Standard body, presumably after a headstock break or similar.

A lot of mystery surrounds the original guitar, given that it was stolen when Bolan was still around. Therefore, Gibson’s rendition of the Bolan Les Paul is, presumably, based on photos and film footage from the period.

Here’s the original Bolan Les Paul in action in a performance of “20th Century Boy”, probably one of the best of T-Rex’s songs along with Get It On (Bang a Gong). I remember seeing T-Rex on Top of the Pops, week after week, in the seventies. Yes, I’m that old. But I was still too young to appreciate just how well Bolan made playing the guitar look cool. Was he a great guitarist? No, not by many people’s standards, but he could sure write great pop songs and catchy guitar riffs. Good on ya, boy!

  1. mprader

    I love the T.Rex Les and wow…brought back old memories of years gone by….watching those videos and thinking about how I used to listen to them. awesome…thanks


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