PRS SE Dave Navarro
PRS SE Dave Navarro

The thing about wishlists is that they are just that – a list of wishes. Which is a convoluted way of saying that I didn’t buy most of the stuff on last year’s list. So, will this year be different? Who knows?

Here’s a rundown of guitars, amps, pedals and gear that I have my eye on this year…


Despite lusting after a 10U or 12U shockmount rack last year, I did end up buying a custom 6U rack from Quentin at Great service, great product, very well made. However, loaded up with gear, I can barely lift it let alone do a one-handed carry from the car to a venue. So, time to downsize and look for a lighter option:

  • SKB 4U rack. This will take my Axe FX2, rack tuner and G90 Relay wireless. With a little ingenuity I should be able to mount the 1U interface (inputs and outputs for easy access) on the rear rack rails.


The Billy Morrison Les Paul is satisfying last year’s desire for a Les Paul Custom – so no plans to pursue that particular route. However, there are a few guitars which are catching my eye:

  • PRS SE Dave Navarro. It’s white, looks cooler than cool and, according to all the reviews I’ve read and seen, plays beautifully. The switch layout and lack of independent pickup volumes are a bit of a negative, and I’m not mad keen on trems, but it is calling “Buy me, buy me!”.
  • Les Paul Slash Vermillion. I know, I know, why buy another Slash LP having sold this one last year? I don’t know. GAS is an illogical condition.
  • Fender Jim Root Telecaster. Another “signature” guitar? Well, yes, why not. I love the look of this and it plays superbly, apparently. I’m an EMG active pickups fan, so this guitar ticks that particular box. I also played Tele-style guitars for many years and I love their simple looks.


Having sold off my Mesa Mark V head, Laboga Beast combo, and the H&K Tubemeister 36 head, AND having bought an Axe FX2 last summer, why on earth look for another amp? Well, frankly, I’m not going to. For the moment (until I get the Axe FX2 dialled in), I’m sticking with my Dual Rectifier. However, this little fella looks very interesting indeed:


Apart from spending time on my annual “let’s re-arrange the pedalboard” exercise, I really don’t have any new pedals in my sights. However, if TC Electronics ever bring out a MIDI-controllable Nova Delay – I’m in.


Now that I’ve moved home and have a bigger music room, I’m considering setting up a small recording studio to get back into making music which doesn’t fit/suit the Phazys. I won’t be bothering with any microphones as I’ll do all the guitars direct to desk from the Axe FX2. However, I need a decent studio monitor and these fellas look just the ticket:

  • Yamaha active monitors. Decent price, great sound quality, and they look good too.


Not an excessive list but, frankly, I should spend time getting my Axe FX2 / Atomic CLR rig dialled in and out on the road, rather than think of more gear. Fitting out the studio will take quite a bit of time and money, so I should probably focus on this first. As I mentioned earlier – we shall see!

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